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Flexible - FX
  • Flexible linear strip for concealed lighting applications.
  • Silicone sheathed IP65 rated variant also available.
  • Full range of >90 CRI white colour temperatures and RGB or single colours.
Accessories & Mounting
KKBK-14 (FX)
IP65 silicone bracket (Allow 4 per metre) Translucent silicone
W31/H6mm (W1.22/H0.24")
KKBK-18 (FX)
IP65 RGB silicone bracket
(Allow 4 per metre/40")
Translucent silicone
W31.3/H6mm (W1.23/H0.24")
KKCP-07 (FX)
Side clip
(Allow 4 per metre/40")
White plastic
W10/H15mm (W0.39/H0.59")
KKCP-08 (FX)
IP65 side clip
(Allow 4 per metre/40")
Clear plastic
W15/H15.3mm (W0.59/H0.6")
Luminous Flux
425lm/m (130lm/ft) - 61lm/W

*All data based on 3000K

Luminous Flux
Red: 73lm/m (22lm/ft) Green: 183lm/m (56lm/ft) Blue: 28lm/m (9lm/ft) White: 267lm/m (81lm/ft)