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High Power - SEN-F
  • Recessed in-ground or installed flush with flooring surfaces for continuous linear illumination of interior and exterior walls and other architectural features.
  • Output options from 591 to 3624 lumens per metre in a range of white colour temperatures or single colours.
  • Constant current remote driven Cree LED with many lens and control options.
Accessories & Mounting
KKSG-02* (SEN-F)
Ground box Anodised aluminium finish * Specify length to match SEN-F
W58.5/H90.5mm (W2.3/H3.56")
SEN-F 033
2050lm/m (625lm/ft) @ 350mA
3326lm/m (1014lm/ft)@ 700mA
SEN-F 050
1419lm/m (432lm/ft) @ 350mA
2333lm/m (711lm/ft) @ 700mA
SEN-F 100
701lm/m (214lm/ft) @ 50mA
1180lm/m (360lm/ft) @ 700mA