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Flexible - Quadro Luna
  • Higher output, cost effective, flexible light source for backlighting and concealed illumination.
  • Polycarbonate casings hardwired with a choice of 9 or 13 modules per metre (636 or 933lm per metre).
  • Available with a full range of white colour temperatures (>90 CRI) and in single colours or RGB.
  • IP68 version with resin encapsulation and ultrasonic case welding for superior protection.
Quadro Luna
933lm/m (284lm/ft) 77mm (3.03") pitch, 9V
646lm/m (197lm/ft) 111mm (4.37") pitch, 9V
Quadro Luna RGB

14.04 W/m (4.28W/ft) 77mm (3.03") pitch
9.72 W/m (2.96W/ft) 111mm (4.37") pitch